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willow_lives's Journal

Come now my friends, let me take you on my journey into darkness. Let me show you my obsessions. But before you venture into darkness with me mortal, ask yourself this: Are you afraid of the dark?

» About Me
The name is Heather but some call me Wilfamy or even Willow. I graduated not all that long ago from college with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Yay me! Besides spending time with my 11 year old daughter, I like to write, read, listen to music, watch movies and make icons. If it has to do with vampires or witches you can almost guarantee that I love it. Any other questions? Feel free to ask. Also, this journal has become semi-private. My graphics posts are public, but everything else is not. I enjoy meeting new people though, so comment if you want to be added.
» Communities
I am the co-mod of three different icon communties. True Blood Stills is based on the HBO show True Blood. Object Stills is a icon challenge community for different types of objects. No people will you find here. :) Botanical Stills is for everything botanical: fruits, flowers, nuts.
» Fandoms and ships
Revenge (Emily/Daniel, Emily/Nolan, Emily/Jack, Emily, Nolan), 2Broke Girls (Max, Caroline), Hart of Dixie (Zoey/Wade, Zoey, Mayor, Wade, George), True Blood (Sookie/Eric, Jessica/Hoyt, Pam, Lafayette, Sam), Dollhouse (Whiskey, Claire/Topher, Sierra/Victor, Adelle/Topher), Criminal Minds (Garcia/Morgan, Garcia/Kevin, Hotch/Prentiss, Prentiss/Morgan, JJ/Reid), Grey's Anatomy (Mark/Lexie, Meredith/Derek, Callie/Arizona, Christina), Eastwick, Hereos (Peter, Niki, Claire), Supernatural (Dean, Dean/Jo, Dean/Bela), Charmed (Piper/Leo, Pheobe/Cole), Gilmore Girls (Logan/Rory, Jess/Rory, Luke/Loreli), Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (Spuffy, Spillow, Spaith, Fangelus, Fangel, Wilah, Xanya, Woz, Cangel), HIMYM, BSG (Kara/Lee), Roswell (Michael/Maria, Max/Liz), Bones (Angela/Hodgins, Zack, Bones/Booth), Moonlight (Beth/Mick, Josef), etc.
» Other Communities worth mentioning


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